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Full Name - Colleen Haskell
Birth Date- December 6, 1976
Birth Place- Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Height- 5' 5"
Quote- "When me and Greg go off, it's all about sex."

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Colleen Haskell was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, attended a catholic, all-girls school at Connolly school of the Holy Child in Potomac Maryland during middle school through her junior year. She transferred to Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda for her senior year, where she graduated in 1994. Colleen's first love in school was behind the scenes of a theater, working with such aspects as lights, sound and set design, say her parents John, director of support systems for Geico Insurance, and Patricia, a career counselor in Bethesda.

After high school, Colleen decided to earn her bachelor's degree in theater at the University of Georgia in Athens.

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to model and Copeland encouraged her and suggested acting as well. She found work in ads for Noxema and Maybelline and had a small role on the soap opera "As the World Turns." Her career was advancing but her relationship with Copeland wasn't and the couple split.

It wasn't until 1984 that Cox received national attention. It was in the Bruce Springsteen video "Dancing in the Dark" as the girl Springsteen pulled on stage to dance with at the end. The job paid $350, but the exposure was enough to launch her into other work in show biz.

In 1985, Cox was cast as Lauren, Michel J. Fox's girlfriend on "Family Ties." Unfortunately the end of the series brought her career to a stand still as well. She continued to work steadily but the roles went virtually unnoticed.

In 1994 things started to change for the raven haired beauty. She was cast in the hilarious comedy "Ace Ventura- Pet Detective" with Jim Carrey. Soon after she landed the part of Monica Geller on the mega-hit TV series "Friends."

She has gone on to have great success with the popular horror Scream trilogy. Not only were the movies a great success, but she also met David Arquette. The couple married last year.